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Character Profile

A 25-page discussion of the planets in your birth chart, personal challenges, talents and major life-periods.
R 150.00


Time Line Forecast Profile

A 40-page description of your current astrological cycles and forecast of the next 12 months' influences.
R 150.00


A Combination

... of the Character Profile and the Time Line Forecast Profile. Approximately 65 pages.
R 250.00


Partner Compatability

Get insight about your compatibility with your lover.
R 120.00 for 20 pages


Composite Chart

Your chart plus your lover’s chart divide by two = your composite chart
R 150.00 for 25 pages


Heavenly Horoscopes

Gives you the complete lowdown on your love life.
R 230.00 for 45 pages


Your Vocational Profile

Highlights your natural talents and will determine how to apply your strongest capabilities to your career field.
R 150.00 for 25 pages


Your Lucky Stars

Star-sign based tool indicates how lucky you are at different times.
R 100.00


Your Child's Profile

40-page discussion of your child's birth chart, personality and special talents. For children up to age 14.
R 150.00


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